Lantier Tree Farm

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Lantier Tree Farm is open from Friday after Thanksgiving through Christmas. 9am-5pm daily.

Tree Pricing:

Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce & Blue Spruce

$60(Any Size You Cut)

 Pre-Cut Fraser Fir Priced By Foot

Please note all cut your own trees are cut and carry.

Snack & Christmas shop:

Snack & Christmas shop open 9-5 *Friday *Saturday *Sunday

Balled Trees:

Balled Trees must be ordered for pickup. No Delivery.

Contact us here for more info on Balled Trees


The tree farm has “helpers” to assist in choosing

your perfect tree. They work for tips only.

Helpers are available to cut, carry & tie tree to your vehicle.

Tractor Ride:

There is a tractor/wagon ride to assist in bringing your trees up from the field.


All wreaths hand made & priced by size.

Please Note:

All farm grown trees are cut and carry (no pre tagging)

Trees over 9 ft. tall or too heavy to be handled by one helper must be picked up on Saturday or Sunday only.

Trees that require the use of farm equipment to be brought out of field or loaded on vehicle must be picked up on Saturday or Sunday only. Customer must accept liability for damage to vehicle caused by overweight/oversized trees.

Dogs allowed but must be on leash.

Completely family owned & operated for over 30 years